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Patient Success Stories

At our offices, our patients come first.

We are always anxious to know how they feel about the care they are receiving,
and strive to do our best for them.

Below are true testimonials by some of our wonderful patients.

Chiropractic Testimonial about someone getting more normal after her car accident.
Felt terrible and feels fabulous!
Listen to this little girl.
So simple. So awesome. Chiropractic can help you too!
Isn't it time to get REAL about your life and health?
Chiropractic Testimonial from a woman who's nervous system was malfunctioning. We help all cases regardless of condition.

My daughter has had chronic earaches since she was 12 months old. She was supposed to get tubes placed in her ears last winter and I declined, soon after I started bringing her to Gambino Family Chiropractic for treatment. She has had no ear infections since she has been getting adjusted and she loves it too!!

~Stephanie B.


My back and neck are feeling better since I started coming here. It has not only helped my physically but also mentally. My carpal tunnel in my right arm has gone away. I have no pain, numbness or tingling in my arm or hand anymore.

~ Missy P.


My kids and I have been getting adjusted and since we have started care I have less headaches and less pain. My children are calmer and we all sleep much better. My youngest son is talking more, which he was having trouble doing, he has had no more ear infections or the croup. He used to get them very frequently and had the croup 5 times before starting care. My middle son has some physical problems but since he has been getting adjusted he can hold his head up straight and his ears are draining fluid, which they were never doing before causing issues. My oldest daughter has almost completely stopped snoring!

~ Shannon S.


After getting in a car accident I came to Gambino Family Chiropractic the next day. After 4 weeks I feel a lot better. My back pain has gone away. My neck feels so much better. I am really pleased with my results!

~Miranda R.


My back and shoulders feel much better. I also feel like I have less stress, and life in general seems easier. Gambino's is a good place to come visit. Thank you for your help!!!

~Brian H.  
Friends Always

P.S.      I had shoulder pain for about eight or ten years, and now after getting adjusted it is not there.I had an evaluation at work and my boss noticed a positive change in me.



Its amazing how much better I feel after coming for adjustments for about five months now. My energy level has definitely increased, and I have hardly any headaches anymore.

I have also started the food supplements and changed my eating habits. I am feeling healthier. I have lost 15 pounds so far and am just now starting to exercise. I am cooking at home more often, preparing smaller portions for myself, and even eating kale!

Thank you for gifts and sharing them with the rest of us. You guys have a great practice! I have learned so much coming here and I feel comfortable to ask any question I have. May god bless you abundantly!

~Yvonne C.


Since coming to Gambino Family Chiropractic I have increased energy and I am no longer plagued with extreme fatigue, after only one month of care, AMAZING! I have learned so much from Gambino Family Chiropractic about how the body works and depends on each part of its self to maintain optimum health. I am beginning to enjoy life gain, Thank you! I still have a ways to go but I look forward to each phase.

~Jacque W.


When I first started care I was suffering from neck pain, double vision, dizziness, and migraines. I had already been to four different doctors and no one seemed to have an answer. Since I have started here I have been getting adjusted regularly and I have not had any of these symptoms and I have more energy. I now feel better than I have in years. Thank you!       

~Rhonda D.


Your care has made a world of difference in my life! I am now able to get on the floor and play with my girls and then get back up again (without help!) All my pain and stiffness has gone away. My range of motion had increased, and I have no more problems with my fingers, legs, and toes going to sleep, Fantastic!

 ~Kim S.


I came in with a sore neck and back. I have been coming approximately four weeks, Dr Kim gave me my first adjustment and I felt instant relief. In the coming weeks I was adjusted multiple times and the stress and pain has been greatly reduced. The deep tissue massages have been very helpful also. Dr. Dan and Dr. Kim are great at what they do and I would recommend their services to anyone.

~John C.



Since I have been coming to Gambino Family Chiropractic I have had a reduced feeling of stress and not as much tension in my neck, back, and shoulders. The frequency of my headaches is also much less. I like the atmosphere, the friendliness, and the sense of caring from the staff.

~Libby S.


When I first came to Gambino Family Chiropractic, I was in constant pain. I had problems with my left shoulder, hip and middle back. Today, thanks to Dr. Dan, Dr. Kim, and Kimmie. I am feeling fantastic! I have range of motion I never realized I lost and the pain has all but disappeared. I will definitely continue with regular adjustments and massages to maintain the way I feel now!

~Rebecca P.


Coming to Gambino Family Chiropractic was a very good decision. Not only is the pain going away but everything is feeling better. Dr. Dan and Dr. Kim are very encouraging about health. I want to be a healthier person from the inside out. My daughters started coming and they also love getting adjusted. The family atmosphere is Awesome!

~Bryon D.


For a very long time my jaw, teeth, neck, and shoulders have hurt. Sometimes it was worse than others, but the pain was always present. My family doctor gave me muscle relaxants and medicine for my anxiety with no relief.

I first met Dr. Kim and Dr. Dan when they presented a continuing education seminar for teachers. The doctors gave an offer for a free evaluation, consultation, and x-rays. I decided to be evaluated the very next day. Within two weeks time I noticed a decrease in headaches and neck pain. I went to the beauty shop, and had my hair washed without breathing through the pain of having my head laid back in the sink. To me this is absolutely a success. I am looking forward to continuing to improve my health the next few weeks.

My husband (noticing my improved well-being) has also come to oasis Gambino for healing. Thank you for your dedication to helping folks feel better.  

~Nellie J.

Nutritional Success Story

I was diagnosed with macular degeneration in my right eye and I was unable to see faces. Talking to Dr. Dan, he told me of some nutritional supplements that could possible help me with the macular degeneration. I started on it and after two months and visiting with the eye clinic I was told my vision was better than what I had before. I can see faces clearer now and I no longer need to have injections! Thanks Dr. Dan.

~Nathan A.