Dr. Charlie

Dr Charlie phares

Dr. Charlie Phares is a native West Virginian originally from Wirt County. He attended Palmer Chiropractic College in Port Orange, Florida just below Daytona, graduating in March of 2016, where he spent 3 plus years learning the in’s and out’s of chiropractic and what it takes to help the body heal and function at its fullest potential. He utilizes Gonstead, Thompson, Diversified, Websters, SOT, and various other chiropractic techniques in conjunction with each other to develop the best plan for each individual patient. He played 3 sports in high school and played baseball at West Liberty University for 5 years. He loves the Pirates and WVU sports, and attends games whenever he can. He loves to be outside and he also loves books. Health is the ultimate asset, and he is willing to help everyone he can achieve their goals of a healthy lifestyle and a life free of pain and sickness.